X3SI offer a variety of courses delivered face-to-face, via eLearning, and using a hybrid approach.

Our courses are available in four different mediums:
    • Face-to-Face Trainings – Available at your premises or ours, worldwide. Restrictions currently apply due to COVID-19.
    • eLearning – Delivered purely online through eXped. Only select courses are available as pure eLearning.
    • Hybrid Courses – Hybrid courses offer the best of both worlds, as you have the luxury of completing your theory work and watching lectures in your own time, whilst getting the benefit of hands-on, situational experience. Our hybrid courses are broken down into two components – the didactic and the psychomotor workshop. The reason we refer to them as such, and not as theory and practical, is that the term didactic means ‘intended to teach’. We pride ourselves on our ability to teach practical skills remotely, and then for the psychomotor workshop to be a true synthesis, building muscle memory and experience. Psychomotor workshops are currently limited due to COVID-19.
    • Hybrid (Remote Instructor) Courses  – Hybrid (Remote Instructor) courses are similar to Hybrid Courses, except that the workshop is conducted with the instructor being remote. All students must be present at the same location to take part in the workshop. Additionally, there must be suitably qualified teachers assistants available onsite with the students. Only select courses are available as Hybrid (Remote Instructor) Courses and are subject to approval.

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Should I choose a traditional or hybrid course?