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Our Story

X3SI was born of the desire to improve the availability and quality of first aid, prehospital, clinical, austere, rescue, and pre-hospital emergency medical education and services available in South East Asia.

X3SI was founded by Damien Santer, a veteran technologist, management consultant and paramedical practitioner. Damien moved to Malaysia in 2010 and is delighted to call it home.

In addition to medical education, X3SI also offers adventure and event support, experiential programme and curriculum development, instructional design, eLearning solutions and a variety of consulting and professional services.

Based in Selangor, Malaysia, X3SI provides services to clients spanning 4 continents,  from a vast array of industries.

Extreme Medicine

We provide standby medic services for both urban and wilderness  events, from first aiders, through to medical professionals, as required. We offer training services for the general public and medical professionals alike,  including (but not limited to) urban first aid, wilderness medicine, travel medicine, off-shore medicine and emergency medicine.

Experiential Education

The training industry as a whole has suffered immeasurably during the pandemic. We specialise in creating flipped classroom learning experiences with virtualised experiential content, allowing your learners to keep up to date, until they can get to a face-to-face skills workshop.

Expedition Support

We provide the equipment and expertise  to make your adventurous  inclinations a reality. Whether your dream is to drive from Singapore to London, your first four-wheel driving adventure, a photographic trip, or to take a group of kids on their first nature walk, we provide the expertise, experience and equipment to make your dream a reality.

Everything Else

We do a lot of different things for a lot of different people, and have a global network of partners to help with the things we don't currently have the time or people to do. If you'd like to find out more, check out our services page, or contact us.