X3SI, both directly and through our global network of partners, offers a wide range of consulting and other professional services, in areas related to: emergency and disaster preparedness; outdoor and experiential education; event, expedition or other on-location medical standby; first aid, wilderness medicine, pre-hospital and emergency medical training; outdoor facilities development and management; and bespoke adventurous experience/expedition design and execution.

Additionally, medical professionals including paramedics, nurses, physicians assistants, and physicians with extensive remote operator experience are available for deployment to provide medical care for your initiative or project. They can be sub-contracted through us and deployed anywhere in the world.

Consulting & Professional Services

  • Development of medical screening tools to assess and manage staff and participants health needs during work or recreation
  • Site analysis of your remote workplace to improve health and medical care
  • Information on the health capacities of countries or regions around the world
  • Strategies for repatriation and evacuation from remote and inaccessible environments both domestically and internationally
  • Medical preparedness for offshore excursions, land expeditions, and ship infirmaries
  • Preparing remote research and military bases for medical emergencies
  • Legal review of injuries and medical incidents in remote locales
  • Risk management & safety consulting

Disaster Services

Disaster Preparedness Services:

  • Formal Disaster Planning: Develop detailed plans outlining procedures for various disaster scenarios, including natural disasters, pandemics, and technological emergencies.
  • Response Planning: Create response plans that specify roles, responsibilities, and communication protocols during a disaster to ensure a coordinated and efficient response.
  • Incident Command System (ICS) Design: Implement ICS structures tailored to your organization’s size and complexity to facilitate effective command and control during emergencies.

Disaster Management Services:

  • Coordination and Communication: Manage and coordinate response efforts among multiple agencies, organizations, and stakeholders to ensure a cohesive and efficient response.
  • Resource Management: Effectively allocate and manage resources, including personnel, equipment, and supplies, to meet the needs of the disaster response.
  • Recovery Planning: Develop strategies and plans for recovery and reconstruction efforts following a disaster, including community engagement and long-term sustainability.

Disaster Training Services:

  • Customized Training Programs: Design and deliver training programs tailored to the specific needs and challenges of your organization, focusing on preparedness, response, and recovery.
  • Simulation and Exercise Development: Conduct simulations and exercises to test and improve the effectiveness of your disaster plans and response capabilities.
  • Training in Emergency Response Protocols: Provide training in emergency response protocols, including first aid, evacuation procedures, and crisis communication, to ensure readiness among staff and volunteers.

Rescue, Retrieval, Medevac & Transfer

Rescue & Retrieval Medical Services

  • Rapid response for critical situations. Skilled teams,
    advanced tools, ensuring safety in challenging
    environments. Your lifeline in emergencies.


  • Seamless medevac services, air and road. Swift,
    specialized transport with skilled medical teams.
    Ensuring timely and safe transfer for critical care

Transfer & Repatriation

  • Global medical repatriation and patient transfer
    expertise. Compassionate care during international
    transitions. Dedicated teams ensuring safe,
    comfortable journeys back home for recovery.

Expedition Support & Wilderness Medical Services

Whether your dream is to drive from Singapore to London, your first four-wheel driving adventure, a photographic trip, or to take a group of kids on their first nature walk, we provide the expertise, experience and equipment to make your dream a reality.

What we offer:

  • Safety planning
  • Medical standby in wilderness & austere environments
  • Nearby/shadow support
  • Equipment & supply drops
  • Logistics & transportation support
  • Accommodation selection & planning
  • Menu & catering services
  • Crisis and emergency support services including extraction and evacuation.

Event Medical Services

What we offer:

  • Trained, experienced and insured first aiders, first responders, EMTs, Nurses, Paramedics, Doctors and other support personnel
  • A dedicated point of contact to help you plan your risk assessment and coverage needs
  • Peace of mind that the health and safety of your event participants are in good hands

How much cover you need will depend on a number of factors – such as size, location, duration and type of activities.

With a dedicated point of contact we’ll guide you through the planning and risk assessment process. We’ll ensure you get the cover you need to meet your duty-of-care obligations and provide a safe event.


Outdoor & Experiential Education

  • Design, development, implementation and management of experiential educational experiences
  • Design and development of both analogue and digital learning tools
  • Creation of H5P and SCORM learning resources
  • Conversion of traditional  face-to-face programmes to hybrid, and flipped-classroom experiences
  • Experiential eLearning programme development
  • Bespoke curriculum design and development – especially but not exclusively in the areas of first aid, wilderness medicine and pre-hospital emergency health care
  • Pedagogical analysis and review of existing programmes
  • Instructional design

First Aid & Medical Training

What we offer:

  • First aid courses to meet a wide range of experience levels and requirements, including: CPR & AED (4-hours), Introduction to First Aid (8-hour), OHS First Aid (16-hours), Advanced First Aid (40-hours) as well as specialist classes including Paediatric First Aid in the Home (16-hour), Paediatric First Aid for Teachers and Other Professionals (24-hours), Geriatric First Aid in the Home (16-hours).
  • Wilderness & Austere medical education (certified by AEMED International International), including: Austere BLS (8-hours), Austere First Aid,  Austere Advanced First Aid, Austere First Responder.
  • Pre-hospital medical education including: Urban First Responder (80-hours), Emergency Medical Technician (160-hours) and a range of short skills-specific upgrade courses.
  • Emergency medicine courses including Basic Life Support (16-hours) and a range of short skills-specific upgrade courses.

We describe our courses in terms of days rather than hours as we offer a variety of modes and mediums, including: face-to-face, hybrid, and online courses as well as both full and part-time courses.

Outdoor Facilities Development & Management

  • Needs analysis
  • Project location identification
  • Land acquisition
  • Concepting and design of custom facilities
  • Project management of development projects
  • Long term facilities management
  • High ropes, low ropes, climbing wall design and development