Embark on a transformative journey to master essential techniques for emergency and critical care with our comprehensive, one-day workshop.

This workshop offers high-fidelity hands-on training facilitated by experienced Emergency Physicians and Critical Care Medics. The scenarios and techniques are meticulously crafted based on the latest evidence-based science, ensuring you gain practical skills applicable in real-life emergencies. 

Organized by the Malaysian Medical Association’s preferred provider for emergency medical education, this course is your gateway to mastering essential techniques for emergency and critical care. “Master Essential Techniques for Emergency & Critical Care” – because readiness makes all the difference.

Course Overview

Airway Manoeuvres & Airway Adjuncts
Learn various manoeuvres for opening a patient’s airway, along with the insertion and care of nasopharyngeal, oropharyngeal and laryngeal mask airways.

Haemorrhage Control Techniques
Learn how to manage life-threatening bleeding with techniques including well-aimed direct pressure, pressure dressings, wound-packing, and arterial tourniquents.

Intravenous & Intraosseous Lines & Procedures
Beyond the basics of standard IV access, master techniques for the insertion of IV catheters into the femoral or external jugular vein. Gain hands on experience obtaining humeral and femoral IO access.

Management of the potentially spine injured patient
Learn the latest science with regards to the packaging and movement of the potentially spine-injured patient, along with key skills and the dos and donts of soft and rigid collars, and spinal motion restriction.

All about tubes
Gain mastery in the insertion and management of invasive tubes and cannulas, and learn the appropriate care for the intubated or cannulated patient.

Why Choose Us

  • This workshop is certificated and accredited by Austere & Emergency Medicine International (AEMED).
  • All of our instructors are experienced Emergency Physicians or Critical Care Medics.
  • High-fidelity hands-on training with realistic scenarios and techniques based on the latest evidence-based science.
  • Organized by Malaysian Medical Association’s preferred provider for emergency medical education.


Upon successful completion of this course, participants receive certification from Austere & Emergency Medicine International, valid for three years.

A picture of a badge with the Rod of Asclepius in the center. There is text to the left that says "Austere & Emergency Medicine International"

Location & Logistics

The course starts at 0830 and you will be dismissed by 1730.


There are various hotels within a 20-minute grab/taxi ride of the training centre, ranging from 4-star business hotels to 2-star budget hotels. Please remember that you get what you pay for, and the hotels are not owned or operated by X3SI. Previous students have stayed in hotels including: Four Points Sheraton, Puchong (further away, nicer, more expensive), Hilton Garden Inn (value for money), and M-Design, Hazzana, OYO502, and Puchong Business hotel (nearby and cheap).


The advertised course cost includes breakfast, lunch, coffee, and tea. Dinner is not included.

What to bring

Participants should bring  notepad and pen.

Participants will require an internet connected device to access the learning management system and complete the exam.

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Enroll in this program and stay at the move towards the forefront of emergency medicine. Acquire in-depth knowledge, refine your skills, and achieve mastery in managing immediately life-threatening emergencies and contribute towards improved patient outcomes.

Medical Officers, Housemen: MYR 899
Nurses, AMOs, Paramedics, Students: MYR 600
Medical Officers, Housemen (5-Pax Bundle): MYR 3596
Nurses, AMOs, Paramedics, Students (5-Pax Bundle): MYR 2400

Early-bird discounts apply until 14 February 2024.

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