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Introduction to First Aid


This course is an initial introduction to First Aid, and covers the very basics of how to help someone who has been injured, or is suffering from sudden illness.


At the conclusion of the course, students should have a basic understanding of:

  • Introduction
    • Principles of first aid
    • Medical/legal considerations
    • Initial response
    • Scene size-up
  • Managing immediately life-threatening conditions
    • Life threatening bleeding & shock
    • Brain failure
    • Layperson / Bystander CPR
    • AEDs
    • Management of an unconscious casualty
    • Causes and treatment of unconsciousness
  • Environmental illness & injury
    • Heat exhaustion
    • Heatstroke
  • Trauma
    • Wounds
    • Burns
    • Sprains & strains
    • Fractures
  • Medical
    • Anaphylaxis
    • Asthma
    • Heart Attack
    • Stroke


Layperson, Volunteers, Domestic Helpers, Parents


  • Lectures
  • Skills Practice
  • Assessment / Treatment Drills


This course will be taught in English. If you are not capable of conversational english, please contact us before enrolling in the course so that we can discuss the possibility of engaging a translator.


Upon attendance of the full course, you will receive a certificate of attendance from X3SI. If you are looking for a certified urban first aid course, please look at our Standard First Aid or Advanced First Aid courses.


Receipt of this certificate does not guarantee future performance or suggest any form of licensure. Skills deteriorate rapidly when not used. Periodic retraining is strongly advised. At minimum this course (or a suitable alternate) should be taken once every two years.

Included Materials

  • How to save a life card
  • First Aid text book (optional – additional fee applies)


All requisite learning and first aid materials will be provided.


This is not a certification course, and as such does not involve a written exam or practical assessment.