Our Instructors

Damien SanterWFR, ACLSDamien spent several years as a NSW State Rescue Board Accredited Operator, providing vertical, road crash and flood rescue, storm damage support, first aid, general rescue and search and rescue.

He now volunteers as an EMT with Community Policing Malaysia.

He is the group scout leader for one of the British Scouting Overseas groups in Kuala Lumpur, and a training advisor to the rest of world district of British Scouting Overseas.

Damien is the founder of the Expedition, Exploration, Experience & Safety Institute.
Phil SmithWFRPhil Smith spent 19 years with the UK police force, in various roles.

Since leaving the police force, Phil spent several years as a trip director for a well known outdoor education provider in Sabah – designing, planning and leading trips in remote and mountainous regions of Borneo.

Phil has been teaching First Aid and SCUBA (PADI) since 2013.
Jeff BaierleinMS, NREMT-B, WEMTJeff Baierlein has worked as an EMT with ambulance services in Washington State and Arizona, and served as team leader, member and trainer with technical, high-angle and backcountry Search and Rescue teams in New Hampshire, Arizona, and Washington.

Jeff has led mountaineering, backpacking, rock climbing, kayaking, canoeing, canyoneering, caving, and sailing trips in the US and internationally with a variety of organizations since 1987.

Jeff is the director of Viristar Risk Management and is a guest instructor with X3SI, teaching WMA's wilderness medicine courses and Viristar's own Risk Management for Outdoor Programmes.
Gary HoltWEMTGary Holt is a professional educator with a BS in Education, currently pursuing his MS in Educational Leadership. He has nine plus years teaching and coaching in public education.

Gary has spent the last few years working as a guide for a wilderness therapy group in North Idaho. He has worked as a volunteer WEMT for the local ambulance for the past nine years.

Gary is a guest instructor with X3SI, teaching WMA's wilderness medicine courses.
David JohnsonMD, WEMTDJ is the Medical Director of Wilderness Medical Associates, and teaches the WALS class by special arrangement.

In addition to his writing, teaching, and business responsibilities with Wilderness Medical Associates, David (DJ) also works as an Emergency Physician at Central Maine Medical Center in Lewiston, Maine. DJ is passionate about curriculum development and teaching.

DJ is a guest instructor with X3SI, teaching WMA's wilderness medicine courses.