Austere Medicine Instructor Induction Course


The Austere Medicine Instructor Induction Course is a comprehensive program that prepares participants to become effective instructors in austere and emergency medicine. Join us to develop your teaching skills and make a difference in emergency healthcare worldwide.

Austere Medicine Instructor Induction Course

Welcome to the Austere Medicine Instructor Induction Course, certified by Austere & Emergency Medicine International (AEMED).

Duration: 3 days

Location: X3SI Education Centre, Selangor, Malaysia

Date: 7-9 June 2024

If travelling, please plan to arrrive in Selangor by the evening of 6/Jun and not to depart before the morning of 10/Jun.

Exclusions: Course cost excludes accomodation, transportation, and catering.

Introduction to Company Culture and Teaching Approach

This course provides an in-depth introduction to the company culture, ethos, and approach to teaching medicine. Participants will also learn about the logistics of running courses and working with AEMED.

Syllabus Overview

The course covers the syllabus of each of the 3 BLS level courses offered by AEMED:

  1. Austere First Aid (24-Hours)
  2. Austere Advanced First Aid (40-Hours)
  3. Austere First Responder (80-Hours)

Target Audience

This course is designed for individuals with an outdoor education, medical, adult education or technical training background. It does not provide medical education. The course includes a high level review of current best practices in adult education including topics such as DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion), learning styles, experiential education frameworks, and the classification and achievement of learning objectives.

Practical Experience

Participants will have the opportunity to develop an initial set of lesson plans for the 24-hour Austere First Aid program. Additionally, they will have the chance to deliver some of the content to their peers, gaining valuable practical experience.

Successful Completion

Only those participants who successfuly complete the IIC course will be offered the opportunity to register as an Authorized AEMED Instructor. Registration requires execution of the appropriate instructor agreement instrument. Upon execution, you will join as an assistant instructor. Assistant instructors work with lead instructors to deliver our courses, while gaining experience and learning from our lead instructors. Lead instructors are responsible for planning, organising and delivering our courses. Your journey to become a lead instructor will depend on your level of medical education, level of education and training expertise, and performance in the classroom.



X3SI Training Centre


7-9 June