9-Day Extended Format


The authoritative austere medicine course for remote professionals and leaders who operate in low-resource, remote and other austere environments where definitive care may be severely delayed or inaccessible.

This course has no prerequisites, however requires significant prework for those with no prior medical training. Upon successful completion, participants receive certification, valid for three (3) years.

This course exceeds the recommended curriculum of the Wilderness Medical Education Collaborative and successful graduates will be awarded both a WFR and AFR certification.

Course Outline

Day 1: Welcome, registration; General principles of the Austere Context; Medico Legal Considerations; Intro to exped; General principles of Anatomy and Physiology; Patient Assessment; BLS; Bleeding Control; Supplementary Oxygen and airways; Moves, drags; BLS Team Resus; BLS Minicodes

Day 2: Secondary Assessment; Circulatory System; Resipiratory System; Nervous System

Day 3: Intro to Pharmacology, IM Injection Lab, Anaphylaxis, Asthma, Intake Mediated Concerns, General Illness

Day 4: Spine Anatomy; LME; Spine Splinting; Spine Injury Assessment; Improvised Litters; Improvised patient carries; Spine mini-sim

Day 5: MSK; Extremity splinting; Pelvic splinting; Traction splints; Dislocations; Rhabdomyolysis; Wounds & Burns, Thermoregulation; Cold Injuries; Toxins, Lightning, Submersion, Barotrauma

Day 6: Obstetrics, Avalanche, Landslide, Altitude, Depart for Camp, Night Simulation

Day 7: Simulations

Day 8: Simulations, Break Camp

Day 9: OSCEs, Exam


Upon successful completion of the course, participants receive  internationally recognised certifications from Austere & Emergency Medicine International: Wilderness First Response (WFR) and Austere First Response (AFR), valid for three years. Re-certification can be achieved by attending a refresher course, or by completing a portfolio of ongoing learning and taking the re-certification exam.

A picture of a badge with the Rod of Asclepius in the center. There is text to the left that says "Austere & Emergency Medicine International"

Prerequisites & Recertification

Eligible graduates from other wilderness medical schools may recertify their WFR with this course.

Candidates wishing to recertify must have a current AFR or WFR certification (unexpired or within the grace period of the issuing school) earned in one of the following course types:

  1. An AFR or WFR course with a minimum of 72 hours of in-person instruction,
  2. An AFR or WFR minimum 72-hour Hybrid course with a minimum of 45 hours of in-person instruction, or
  3. An AFR or WFR Recertification course with a minimum of 16 hours of in-person instruction.

To recertify, you must attend a minimum of 5 full days of the course. We recommend days 5-9. Candidates must also pass the practical assessments for BLS, Choking & Anaphylaxis, and  the cognitive assessment.

Candidates who enroll in the recertification option are entitled and encouraged to attend 5 full days. If you wish to attend for more than 5 days, please select the “Full Course” option.

The practical assessments for BLS, Choking & Anaphylaxis take place on Day 1, but may be available on the evening of day 5 by arrangement. The cognitive assessment takes place on day 9, but may be available on other evenings by arrangement.

Location & Logistics

The course starts promptly at 0830 each morning and will end around 1800 hrs. Please be prepared to commit additional time to homework and self study.

Accomodation & Catering

Course fees include tuition and materials only. Airport pickup is available at an additional cost. Lunch will be available on-site.

Nearby hotels that previous students have used include the M-Design hotel and Hilton Garden.

Course fees exclude flights, accomodation, airport transfer, breakfast and dinner on course days, all meals on non-course days.

What to bring
Participants should bring a notepad and pen, and internet connected device. Participants also require personal camping equipment for use on days 6-8 when we go outdoors for simulations. Tents and cooking equipment will be provided.

Those attending should bring sturdy, closed toe shoes, a raincoat and clothes that are ok to get wet/dirty/ripped/stained.

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